Stephanie G Zihms

Multi-disciplinary Geoscientist & Geological Engineer



Zihms, S.G., Lewis H., Miranda T.S., Hall, S.A., Somerville, J.M. Fracture Reconstruction and Analysis of Low Permeability carbonates using x-ray Tomography for Comparison with Outcrop Data. Submitted to Geosciences Pre-Print download here


Buckmann, J., Bankole, S., Zihms, S.G., Lewis, H., Couples, G., Corbett, P. Quantifying porosity through automated image collection and batch image processing: case study of three carbonates and an aragonite cemented sandstone. Geoscience 2017, 7(3), 70 Open Access download here

Daniels, K., Harrington, J.F., Zihms, S.G., Wiseall, A. Bentonite permeability at elevated temperature. Geosciences. 7. Open Access download here   


Wiseall, A., Graham, C., Zihms, S.G., Harrington, J., Cuss, R., Gregory, S., Shaw, R. Properties and Behaviour of the Boom Clay Formation within a Dutch Repository Concept. OPERA-PU-BGS615   Open Access download here  

Zihms, S.G. and Harrington J.F., Thermal cycling impact on bentonite permeabilityOpen Access download here   

Switzer, C., Zihms, S.G. and Tarantino, A. Effects of high temperatures on soil properties : Lessons to share from smouldering remediation experience. Flamma, 6 (1). pp. 5-7. Download here


Graham, C.G., Harrington J.F., Zihms, S.G. and Cuss, R.J. Transport and Consolidation Properties of Mercia Mudstone. Energy and Marine Geoscience Programme. Internal report IR/14/070


Zihms, S.G., Switzer, C., Karstunen M. and Irvine J., Effects of high temperature processes on physical properties of silica sand. Engineering Geology. 164. 139-145 Download here

Zihms, S.G., Switzer, C., Karstunen M. and Tarantino A., Understanding the effects of high temperature processes on the engineering properties of soils. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Paris. Download here

Zihms, S.G. Smouldering and thermal remediation effects on properties and behaviour of porous media – Doctoral thesis University of Strathlcyde Download here



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