Stephanie G Zihms

Multi-disciplinary Geoscientist & Geological Engineer


In November 2017 I started my 2nd postdoc position working on the DETECT project – and until March I’m splitting my time between this project and my pervious postdoc position (see below).

In May 2015 in joined the International Centre for Carbonate Research (ICCR) and the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University as a postdoctoral research associate. My current research focuses on the geomechanics of carbonate rocks and the relationship between complex porosity networks and permeability. I am also interested how elevated temperatures (e.g. reservoir conditions) affect geomechanical response of different rocks and how thermal history can be linked to the mechanical history during rock diagenesis.

Previously I investigated temperature effects on fluid flow and other properties in porous media e.g. to understand impact on bentonite buffer performance for geological disposal of radioactive waste and post-remediation effects on soils after smouldering remediation.

I am also very interested in science outreach and joined Native Scientist in 2015 to engage with the German community in Edinburgh and east Scotland.In addition I take part in one off outreach events like Soapbox Science, PubhD or Bright Club.

My full CV is available here: CV_Zihms


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